Parental Mental Health

Being a parent is not always the easiest job, but many parents are trying to juggle more roles than they typically do with the addition of remote learning. There are many who are trying to do this with their job (which may or may not be able to be done remotely) while also trying to keep everyone safe and healthy. There is still discussion around the number of coronavirus cases rising and that the flu season may exacerbate the situation. That is a lot for parents to cope with and having a few extra mental health strategies could be helpful.

· Take some time for yourself to do something you enjoy: Even if it is just 20-30 minutes during the day this can help to reset.

· Set boundaries around work hours: It is hard to relax when and take care of your mental health when there is not a break from your profession. While there may be some days or periods of time when this is not possible, setting these boundaries will help so that it does not happen all the time.

· Give yourself more grace: The time we are living in right now is unprecedented. No one predicted this and it seemed to happen overnight. One day you were at work, your kids were at school or daycare, and there was just some discussion of Covid 19, almost the next day places were shut down, schools closed, and requirements for going places were changed. This is hard for anyone to deal with and if you are also helping your children through this change, you have more to cope with and help others to understand what may be difficult for even you to understand. This means that it may be harder to get things done and you may need more time to get tasks accomplished.

It is important to remember that these may not help everyone and some may need some additional help from a therapist. If you feel like you are overwhelmed and that you can’t get out of it, remember to reach out for professional help as well as using these strategies. Feel free to reach out to me for this extra support.

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