Highly Emotions in Children

Another change that families are seeing in their children is that their children are responding to situations with more emotion than they typically see and are having a harder time regulating their emotions. For the last several months, their lives have not been what they are used to and it was an abrupt change. This is hard for anyone to process and the younger the child is, the less coping and regulation skills they have. There are still many things up in the air which makes it more difficult for everyone. The stress that parents is feeling does not help children regulate their emotions either.

If children are having a hard time regulation their emotions, you may see this displayed as tantrums (if younger) or what some may consider a bad mood by older children. They may be more reserved and withdrawn or even seem explosive. Helping your child with this will depend on your child as an individual along with their age. Here are few tricks to try.

· Try to determine why your child is upset: Are they upset that they can’t see their friends as often? Are they worried about the upcoming school year? Is the uncertainty of what is happening bothering them? Do they miss their activities?

· Try to provide some quality time with them: Feeling extra love and comfort right now will help them will help them feel safer and more in control which can help with emotional regulation. Talk to your children about what they would like to do during this time.

· Talk to your children about how they are feeling. This will help them to figure out how to sort through their feelings and how to respond in an appropriate manner. Make sure that they understand that whatever they are feeling is acceptable; it is sometime the way that they express it that can be problematic.

With the current uncertainty of the world, this can be difficult for everyone, including children.It is important to work with your children where they are at and help them to feel loved and supported.If you are interested in more support, please contact me at

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