Hidden Stress of Parenting in the Quarantine

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

Trying to work from home with children, especially if they are younger, is probably not what most people signed up for. When remote learning is added in, it makes it easier for some as it gives children (usually slightly older ones) something to do during part of the day, but if you have younger ones, like me, then you need to sit with them for most of the learning. Where does this fit in and how do you create a balance with work, entertaining your children, helping with remote learning, and just having some quality time with your family? Do you feel like you aren’t sure what you are going to do next or how you will finish your tasks day to day?

This is a hard time for many and if you are a parent there are additional stresses and more pieces to try to figure out.

· Determining your priorities is a great way to start to figure this out. While this may not sound too difficult, have you actually done it? There are many who say that they know what is most important to them, but have not stopped to figure it out and rather try to do all tasks at full throttle. When your children were in school or daycare, they were entertained for the day while you could get your work done and maybe a few errands. This is important to remember when you are trying to figure out why you feel you aren’t getting as much done.

· Creating a schedule and routine is also beneficial. While the schedule may need to change from day to day, having an idea of what your schedule looks like when the week starts should help in creating daily priorities and routines. The routine does not need to stay exactly the same every day, but having some structure will benefit your children so they know what to expect. According to a study done by the University of Albany in 2016, establishing routines for children will help them feel more stability and long term can help with time management and reducing attention difficulties later. If children know what is going to happen next, it helps make transitions between activities easier. When children feel that they are secure and safe, they are better able to learn and deal with life.

· Having a family schedule can help to accomplish all of the tasks and goals for that day and week. This helps to prioritize the tasks so that the most important tasks can be completed first which can reduce the stress of the situation. If there is a task or goal hanging over your head, it is harder to get all of your other activities completed.

Now you may be asking, what do I do with my kids and how do I get remote learning done? Some of this is dependent on the age of your children. Read my next blog on ideas to help you reduce stress and have an easier time helping your children.

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