Easter 2021

As we get closer to Easter and with the pandemic guidelines still in place, are you wondering how you can celebrate Easter with your children? It probably will not the look the same as your children are used to previously, but there are still ways to make it fun for everyone. Think about what traditions your children are used to and think about ways to modify them if needed. You can also start some new traditions that may be fun to continue.

When you think about Easter, what are the traditions that come to mind? Some think of visits with the Easter Bunny; some think of family gatherings; some think of Easter egg hunts or looking for baskets; others think of family gatherings. Some of these are not greatly impacted by the pandemic guidelines such as your children looking for Easter baskets or Easter eggs. If other traditions will be impacted, can you change up your baskets or eggs? Could they include other activities to do during the day? There could be puzzles, books, coloring activities, or even games inside that could be played during the day. While this will not replace the other traditions that are being missed, it can provide activities that could provide additional entertainment.

Visiting the Easter Bunny may be a little tricky to try to modify. There may be some places, such as malls, that are still doing Easter Bunny visits, but not every family is comfortable with this yet. There are some companies who are doing socially distant Easter Bunny visits, but these may be booked by now, but could be an alternative. There may also be a Zoom Easter Bunny. I have not seen this, but it could be an option to consider. I know there was a Zoom Santa, so why not Easter Bunny?

The other tradition that may be difficult is large family gatherings. Some family members may be more comfortable than others with this and it is important to honor where everyone is at. As more people are vaccinated, this may provide some comfort and allow for more members to be present, but this may not be true yet either. Consider the comfort level of everyone and start to have the conversation of how you will celebrate. If it is not done in person, could it be done as a Zoom Easter dinner? While it is not the same as being together in person, it provides some family time.

Are there new traditions that could be created? What activities could be done and still provide time together as a family to have fun? Some families enjoy coloring Easter eggs and this could provide a creative outlet for people. Are there games that could be played together as a family? Depending on the weather, maybe these could be done outside as well. With your egg hunt or your baskets, could you make it a scavenger hunt? Are there decorations that could be made and put up together as a family?

The other factor to remember is to make sure your children understand what guidelines you are following and what changes may need to be present. As more people get vaccinated and states start to open up more, there are more families who are doing more activities and get togethers. If you are not doing this yet, it may be hard for your child to understand. While you should not change what you are doing and comfortable with, make sure your children understand what you are doing and why you have made the choices you have. These are conversations you may have had with them already, but make sure to keep the conversation open and allow it to continue. It is hard with changes like these so providing some extra love and comfort will be beneficial. Remember that while your child may logically understand why you are making the choices you are, it may still be difficult emotionally.

Feel free to reach out to me for further questions and ideas.

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