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Updated: Oct 6, 2020

Something that many people are wondering about right now is what the back to school

transition is going to look like this year. School ended abruptly in the spring and now the

numbers are slowly rising again.

What does this mean for school and what it will look like? Is there an in-person option (either full time or hybrid) or will school be fully remote? If there is a choice, remember that each family needs to make their own choice and the one that they feel is best for their family situation.

Talk to your children about how they feel about the transition back to school this year.

Are they worried about what it will look like if they go back in person and what will be

different? Are they concerned that they or someone else will get sick? There may also be

concerns about whether or not they are behind from where they should be in terms of their current grade level. If you are doing fully remote learning, there may be questions about why some students are in person and what it will look like. By answering these questions and helping to address these concerns, the transition will become easier.

If your child will be attending school in-person, talk to your child about what that

experience will be like, as it most likely will not be the same. Schools are taking needed

precautions which means that there may be various changes. If your child is not aware of what these will be, this may be harder when they arrive the first day. If there is a remote learning portion, then make sure your child knows what those days will look like to help your child be able to have some control over how things are working with their learning at home.

Going back to school this year will definitely be different and have new challenges, but

with some planning and preparation, this start can be successful. Feel free to reach out to me for some advice or support at

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